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Active Sound Unit®

Two active sound solutions

We offer two Active Sound solutions depending on the requirements of your vehicle:

  • You have the possibility to purchase a complete set for the active sound retrofitting of your vehicle.
  • If your car already has an Active Sound exhaust system , you can install our sound module Active Sound Unit (AS-DEV) Plug & Play and enjoy the functions listed below as well as the App control.

The retrofitting of synthetic V8 engine sound  is possible with any vehicle with Can-Bus . The sound actuator (or sound actuator) in combination with our Active Sound Unit  creates a distinctive, voluminous and aggressive sound characteristic - even in your diesel, hybrid and electric vehicle!


The sound module is simply Plug & Play connected and can be easily operated after retrofitting via an app or the original vehicle keys . The app provides the following functionalities:

Explaining all features of the Active Sound app
The complete set

The sound generator (or sound actuator) with steel housing and the cable set are installed together with our  Active Sound Unit . The Active Sound Unit generates the V8 sound. He sounds bubbly, aggressive and voluminous . The complete set consists of the following elements:

Overview of all parts in an Active Sound complete set for retrofitting


profile switch
Depending on the vehicle, the profiles of the sound module can be accessed via the following controls:
Options for changing the profile of the Active Sound module


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